Monday, 31 July 2017

Busy September coming up!

Busy September ahead with USA feature film, tv series and big new studio.
Also, some publishing news of my scores.
Exciting times ahead!

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Nightmare on 34th Street

Seems strange working on a Xmas film in the middle of the hottest June/July for some time...but there are now just a few final touches to go conforming 5.1 score soundtrack to final cut for "Nightmare on 34th Street" directed by James Crow for LBD.
Then I'll be able to put the sleighbells (Slay-bells really, as it's a horror!) away until next year!

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Location:North Pole

Black Creek Filmscore

Just had tremendous fun scoring a mainly all electronic music score for "Black Creek" for Sparrowhawk Pictures and Last British Dragon.
USA/U.K. Collaboration at its best!
Great working with Producer Craig Patrick, Editor Supremo Jeremy Wanek and Sound Guru Jon Siri-Mohs. A very professional team!
Can't wait to see final DVD!

More news soon!

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